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Trust Advocate is an initiative of the Advocacy team at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). As the largest community based heritage organisation in Victoria, the National Trust is the leading independent body campaigning to protect heritage places under threat.

Felicity Watson

As the Manager of the Advocacy Team, Felicity represents the National Trust at VCAT, Planning Panels and Heritage Council Hearings, oversees a series of Expert Advisory Committees, facilitates the delivery of the National Trust’s Reconciliation Action Plan, manages the External Appeals program and is responsible for the development of strategic programs and campaigns to raise the profile of heritage in Victoria and further the advocacy goals of the National Trust.

felicity.watson@nattrust.com.au | @felixexplody


Jessica Hood

Jessica is the National Trust’s Community Advocate – Environmental Heritage, and focuses on the conservation of Victoria’s natural heritage. This is a broad mandate encompassing heritage trees, gardens, significant landscapes, parks and reserves. Jessica coordinates several key projects for the National Trust, including the National Register of Significant Trees, and the annual Australian Heritage Festival.

jessica.hood@nattrust.com.au | @jessvhood 

Caitlin Mitropoulos

Caitlin is our Community Advocate – Built Heritage, managing several of our biggest campaigns relating to the built environment. Caitlin is the first point of contact for our Branches network, manages the Gallipoli Oaks Project, assists in the coordination of the Heritage Awards Program, and develops social media content and digital communication relating to our advocacy work.

caitlin.mitropoulos@nattrust.com.au | @caitmitro

Camilla Peter

Camilla is our Community Advocate. She provides administrative support to the advocacy team and manages the extensive archive of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), the most comprehensive single heritage register in Victoria.




Advocacy Priorities

We advocate for improved legislation, regulation, management, resourcing, protection, celebration and interpretation of natural and cultural heritage by the government at all levels.

We advocate for protection and conservation of classified places and places with demonstrable heritage significance under threat or at risk of destruction or major and irretrievable loss of significance. We prioritise in order of international, national, state, regional and local significance.

We advocate for the identification, protection, conservation and celebration of under-represented and emerging types and classes of heritage places.  The National Trust runs a range of ongoing advocacy programs that advance our causes - find out more here.

Heritage Planning Advocacy

The Trust monitors metropolitan Melbourne and regional and rural Victoria for planning issues that affect heritage places. We advocate for the inclusion of places in local heritage studies, and we appear at planning panels, advisory committees and VCAT as necessary.  You can find an overview of the Trust’s advocacy campaigns here.

Environmental Advocacy

We are actively working to raise awareness of Victoria’s unique landscapes, historic gardens and significant trees and advocate for their protection and appreciation.  You can get an overview of our landscape advocacy here.

How you can support us!

As a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the support of our members to continue advocating for the protection of our valuable heritage places. Membership is your chance to support us while enjoying free entry to more than 800 hundred properties and gardens throughout Victoria, Australia and overseas. You can join online here!