National Trust submission regarding North East Link Project Environmental Effects Statement

In June we made a submission in response to an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) for the North East Link Project.  The EES has information on how the project could affect heritage and the environment during construction and how adverse impacts would be managed. Our submission outlined concerns regarding the impact on the Bolin Bolin Billabong and the proposed removal of a landmark river red gum tree on the corner of Manningham Rd and Bridge St in Bulleen, which is included on the National Trust Significant Tree Register and was winner of the National Trust Tree of the Year competition this year.

Read our full submission here.


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    Anthony Veal

    I was down there last weekend to show my children what it is like. I grew up and played there as a child and teenager and as we were walking along the old drive inn site and we spotted a mob of six kangaroos.

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