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The Declaration of Ministerial Policy, Illustrated Australian News, 1892 (SLV)

Election Watch – Week 1

Following Dr Napthine’s formal visit to Governor Alex Chernov on Monday, the campaign for the election kicked off in earnest. Since then, politicians of all…

Plan Melbourne – Initiative 4.6.1 Planning for ”distinctiveness”

Plan Melbourne includes Direction 4.6 – Create More Great Public Places Throughout Melbourne. “Metropolitan Melbourne is a mosaic of diverse natural landscapes and urban places….

Plan Melbourne

Plan Melbourne released May 2014 – heritage incentives

Plan Melbourne 2014 includes an initiative to create incentives for heritage conservation. The specific short-term initiative is: “Investigate the potential of transferable development rights for…

Plan Melbourne

Plan Melbourne on ABC 7.30 Report

Prof. Roz Hansen, former chair of the ministerial advisory committee for Plan Melbourne, has been interviewed by ABC’s 7.30, with comments in response from Planning Minister Matthew…

10 predictions for 2014

10 predictions for Victoria’s heritage in 2014

THE MINISTER FOR PLANNING WILL NOT BE A FAN OF POST-WAR MODERNIST ARCHITECTURE In 2012 Minister for Planning Matthew Guy nominated the 1965 AXA Building…