City of Stonnington Heritage Strategy and Action Plan Review 2018-2029

In October we made a submission in support of the City of Stonnington Heritage Strategy and Action Plan. We congratulated council on its achievements since the 2006 Heritage Review Strategy, including more than 2,000 heritage places added to the Heritage Overlay, updating Clause 22.04 Heritage Policy, development of the Stonnington Heritage Design Guidelines (July 2017), and the expansion of Council-funded heritage advisory service. In our submission we encouraged council to prioritise the conversion of their grading system and the digitisation of all past Heritage Studies, to focus on increased protection for places identified under the theme ‘creating a modern city’ and places of social significance, to develop a Significant Tree Register, and to undertake more proactive consultation with Traditional Owner groups to identify, protect and celebrate the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the municipality 

To read our submission in full, click here.


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