HAVE YOUR SAY: Management of significant landscapes across the Macedon Ranges

The Macedon Ranges Shire is characterised by varying landscape types – from forests and ranges, to volcanic planes, ridges and valleys. Within these landscape types there are a range of significant landscapes, some of which take in iconic features that are recognised throughout the state and across the country. Landscapes are formed and defined by both visual elements – such as topography, vegetation, and waterways – as well as elements that cannot be seen – such as cultural, environmental, and geological values that can be attributed to a landscape. To ensure that significant landscapes across the shire are protected, and that development within them is properly managed, Macedon Ranges Shire Council commenced the preparation of a Landscape Assessment Study.

From now until 18 November 2018 Council is consulting on the draft study and recommendations. The primary purpose of the study is to assess the visual significance of landscapes based on background research, community observations, and technical expertise. The study sets out implementation recommendations including changes to landscape policy and controls in the planning scheme. To download the proposed schedule content, the supporting documents and the recommendations, click here. To HAVE YOUR SAY, click here. 

Title Image: Man sitting on boulder looking out over the Macedon Ranges, Richard Courtney, 1932, State Library of Victoria, accessible here: www.handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/136154 


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