National Trust joins the 2024 Off-grid Living Festival, Chiltern

Feature Image: National Trust stall at the 2024 Off-grid Living Festival in Chiltern.

This year the National Trust was an exhibitor at the Off-grid Living Festival, a fantastic annual event for people interested in green energy, sustainable and self-sufficient living, knowledge sharing and crafts.

We showcased an impressive hand tools collection and provided information on our various sustainably aligned campaigns, such as the Como Approach, traditional trades workshops and the Victorian Heritage Services Directory.

Visitors to our stall could also learn about our work in environmental heritage advocacy, and the National Trust Significant Tree Register including where to visit registered trees and how to make nominations.

The National Trust is also custodian of three historic properties in Chiltern; Lake View House, Federal Standard Printing Works and Dow’s Pharmacy and we were thrilled to welcome visitors from the festival throughout the weekend.

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