Festival puts Great Forest NP front and centre

The National Trust made a cameo at the Sustainable Living Festival at Federation Square & Birrarung Marr last weekend, to invite the crowd to a special tour of the GFNP on 18 May, as part of the Heritage Festival.

Click here for information about the tour 

The Great Forest National Park was featured on Saturday in the Battle of the Big Ideas for Sustainability,  by MyEnvironment Inc. director Sarah Rees.  On  Sunday morning, the Wilderness Society hosted a forum featuring eminent forest expert Prof. David Lindenmayer.  Prof. Lindenmayer explained the win-win scenario of the park proposal to a large crowd.  

Sarah Rees capped off a great weekend by winning the  Golden Greenie award for her advocacy for the forests of the Central Highlands.  Sarah thanked the members of MyEnvironment and other forest defenders for their enormous support and contribution.  

Sarah Rees



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