Heritage 101: More Resources from Heritage Council of Victoria

Featured Image: Part of the Heritage Information Park. Source: Heritage Council of Victoria.

Following on from their recent resources for local heritage officers and councillors regarding the roles and responsibilities of local government regarding heritage, the Heritage Council of Victoria have now released a suite of new resources known as “The Heritage Information Pack”.

This new suite of resources has a paired poster and factsheet (both downloadable) covering four key themes regarding heritage protection:

  • What is heritage?
  • The Heritage Protection System in Victoria
  • Why do we protect heritage?
  • What is your role in heritage protection?

There is also a two-and-a-half minute video covering these themes that is available on Youtube (and below).

The Heritage Council of Victoria, and the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) encourage you to share the video and these resources through your networks or via your blogs, community groups, websites. etc to reach as many people as you think might benefit from them. The posters and factsheets are great to pin up around schools, offices, workplaces, and cultural and tourism centres. The National Trust believes that engagement in heritage begins with understanding, education and discussion, and these new resources are a great way to do just that.

What is heritage?

This theme explores the definition of heritage including examples of tangible and intangible heritage, built and natural heritage, objects and archaeological remains, and landscapes and precincts. It also busts some common myths about heritage including that heritage is only ever old and/or aesthetically pleasing,  and that heritage has to be expensive and elite. It also sets the record straight regarding concerns as to the use, maintenance and financial value of heritage sites and objects.

The Heritage Protection System

This theme tries to simplify the heritage system designed to protect heritage in Victoria, including local and state protection, National and international heritage protections, and organisations outside of government that assist in the protection of heritage (including the National Trust!). This duo of documents demystifies the roles and responsibilities of heritage organisations and government agencies regarding heritage and what legislation relates to what level of heritage protection. This is a great guide as to who is in charge of what in heritage.

Why do we protect?

Here the resources tackle the benefits of heritage (both directly and indirectly) and the ways in which heritage protection can contribute to communities, individuals and our way of life. This theme covers sustainability, the economy, our everyday spaces, cultural understanding, unique spaces and themes, and the way heritage shapes our identity as individuals and as communities.

What is your role in heritage protection?

The last theme answers the question ‘What can I do?’. These resources help to show individuals, groups and communities how they can contribute, advocate, protect and enjoy heritage both within and outside of the heritage system at all levels of significance. This includes renovating sites, participating in events, experiencing sites and objects, learning about places and spaces you find interesting, donating or volunteering with various organisations and community groups, engaging on consultation and the planning process, and sharing your love of heritage with others.

Heritage is for everyone, and the more we understand and engage with our heritage and the system that protects it, the stronger our heritage and advocacy are for the future.

For more information on these new resources or to download them for yourself, please visit Heritage Council of Victoria.

*All media in this article is owned by the Heritage Council of Victoria.

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