Highett Grassy Woodland saved

Goldstein MP Andrew Robb has promised to retain the 3 Ha of woodland and create another one hectare of open space at the 9.3 Ha CSIRO site.  Mr Robb has stepped in to ensure that the critically endangered trees on the large Highett site will be kept. The remaining 5.3 Ha will be developed with potentially units and houses. We have written to congratulate Mr Robb on this commitment.

CSIRO is selling this site for housing. The Trust, together with Friends of Highett Grassy Woodland are advocating the preservation of an environmentally and historically significant 3 hectare of land, known as the Highett Grassy Woodland, for the benefit of the community and the environment. The entire CSIRO site is in the process of being sold through a Federal Government process.


Image credit: highettgrassywoodland.com


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