Murtoa Stick Shed

The Murtoa Stick Shed, classified by the National Trust in December 1990, has finally taken its rightful place on the National Heritage List. Click here to view the article by ABC News.

The Stick Shed (Murtoa Grain Store No 1)  was originally built for the purpose of temporary wheat storage in World War II, when grain exporting was impossible.  It is the earliest and only remaining of three such sheds built in Victoria during the early 1940’s, being constructed earlier than surviving similar sheds in Western Australia and New South Wales.  The method used to construct this very large storage shed demonstrates significant initiative on the part of its unknown designers, when Australia was suffering from a serious shortage of construction materials during the War.  

As the single major wheat storage/collection facility in the Wimmera and southern Mallee, it is inextricably linked with the economic prosperity of the region. 
The shed is also representative of the change in wheat storage, handling and transport from merchant trading (in individual bags) to bulk handling under the control of the Australian Wheat Board.  

The Stick Shed will be open this weekend as part of the Murtoa Big Weekend. Click here to view the program.


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    Leigh Hammerton

    A committee of management has been appointed in 2016 and hopes to have the Shed open more often in the near future. Currently it is still only open over the 1st weekend in October. For up-dates phone 03 53852422.

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