National Trust calls for restoration and maintenance of Central Pier, Docklands

In January, Development Victoria announced that the 100-year old Central Pier in Docklands would be demolished and rebuilt due to safety concerns. According to Development Victoria the pier is rapidly deteriorating due to rot, marine borer, and terminate attacks. Heritage Victoria have advised that the pier cannot be demolished without a permit because it is listed in the Victorian Heritage Register, and careful consideration of the pier’s cultural heritage significance is required before permanent changes can be made. While Docklands has witnessed great change in recent decades, our remaining maritime heritage tells the story of Melbourne’s role as one of the world’s major ports, and should be celebrated. We strongly encourage Development Victoria to commit to the long-term restoration and maintenance of Central Pier.

Read more: Jewel Topsfield, ‘Central Pier can’t be demolished without permit: Heritage Victoria’, The Age, January 7 2020

Featured image: Central Pier, Docklands, Tash Sorensen, The Age, 2020


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