Objection to extension of scoria quarry at base of Mt Leura, Camperdown

The National Trust has objected to the proposed extension of the scoria quarry at the base of Mt Leura, Camperdown.

Mt Leura is the highest hill in a complex of volcanic features comprising of several distinct cones and craters within the outer wall of a maar, or broad explosion crater. The complex is classified by the National Trust as of National Significance as a geological feature, and of State Significance for its landscape value (file no. L10155). The value of this geological feature is enhanced by the fact that much of it lies within a public reserve provided with a network of footpaths, so that the site can be readily accessed right to the top, from which there are outstanding views across the surrounding area.

At a Council hearing the National Trust submitted that the proposed extension was in direct opposition to the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) Schedule 1 in which the permit application fell.  The National Trust refuted the claim made that an SLO should be regarded as an ideal only and further argued that SLOs are a statutory requirement of the planning scheme.  They are not something that can be done away with when inconvenient.

Despite a number of objections, Council chose to approve the extension which will nearly double the size of the excavation at the base of this significant landscape.

Objection to Scoria Quarry in Leura Maar

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