Save the Palace Rally #1

Paul Roser spoke at the community-led Save the Palace rally on 12 October 2013 in Parliament Reserve attended by about 300 people. We objected to the permit application to demolish the 1920s theatre and replace it with a 30-storey 5-star hotel and apartment complex. The application was subsequently amended to a lower tower of 22 levels and a total height of 72m. The Trust has always strongly supported the planning controls that ensure that the Bourke Street Hill precinct retains its heritage character and low scale. It is also the only theatre to survive on Bourke Street, once the home of entertainment in Melbourne. If permitted, the hotel would join the Windsor redevelopment in smashing through the low height limits for the Parliamentary precinct. A nomination for the interior is being considered by Heritage Victoria.

W Hotel to replace Palace TheatreMedia Attention:

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