Somerville Avenue of Honour vandalised

We were saddened to learn about vandalism to the recently replanted trees at the Somerville Avenue of Honour. The Frankston Standard Leader reported on 18 June:

Vandals who wrecked trees in Somerville’s Avenue of Honour have been lashed for their disgusting behaviour. Cr Lynn Bowden expressed her “disgust and disappointment” at vandals who trashed the recently planted trees over the Queen’s Birthday weekend. The vandals uprooted several trees and removed pickets.
“It was very distressing to find out that a number of the trees and pickets had been ripped up and strewn around the area,” Cr Bowden said.
“Fortunately, I was able to get the support of the Hastings RSL who came out early on Saturday morning to help me tidy up and replant the trees.” Cr Bowden said she hoped the culprits would be caught.
“It’s despicable to think someone could vandalise such an important reminder of the sacrifices Australians made in war to protect the freedom we enjoy today,” Cr Bowden said.
Anyone with information about the incident should phone Hastings Police on 5970 7800.

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