National Trust responds to reported demolition of mid-century Hampton homes for The Block

Feature image: Partial demolition of No 8 Bronte Court, Hampton courtesy Beaumaris Modern. 

We’ve written to the Executive Producers of the The Block following media reports that properties at Bronte Court, Hampton — which had been purchased for an upcoming season of the program — had been impacted by demolition and partial demolition.

We understand that No 10 Bronte Court was designed by Robert Hodgson for The Age Small Homes Service, and that No 8 Bronte Court is a rare example of architect Neil Clerehan’s “Dream Home”. No 8 Bronte Court was also identified in the City of Bayside’s Inter-War and Post-War Heritage Study as a place of heritage significance.

Regardless of whether a place has statutory heritage controls, we would expect The Block to undertake due diligence regarding the heritage values of properties identified for purchase and renovation, and for those cultural heritage values to inform any works undertaken either in preparation for, or during filming. It is unacceptable for our community’s valued cultural heritage to be lost in the name of entertainment.

The Block provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our cultural heritage, as well as showcasing techniques for sensitive restoration and adaptive reuse of heritage properties. As one of Australia’s highest-rating shows, The Block has an unparalleled platform to influence the community’s attitudes towards and understanding of our built heritage.

We’ve requested further information regarding the works which have been undertaken at Nos 8 and 10 Bronte Court, and whether heritage advice has been sought in relation to these properties. We welcome the opportunity to establish an open dialogue with the Block for our expert team to provide advice and guidance on heritage issues.

UPDATE: As of 17 March 2021, we have still not received a response from producers. 

Demolition of No 10 Bronte Court, Hampton courtesy Beaumaris Modern.

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