HAVE YOUR SAY – Federation Square recommended for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register

Following the National Trust’s nomination of Federation Square to the Victorian Heritage Register, Heritage Victoria has made a recommendation to the Heritage Council of Victoria that it be permanently added to the Register.

This recommendation will now be advertised for 60 days before the Heritage Council makes its final decision. Within that 60-day period, anyone can make a submission to the Heritage Council about the recommendation.

We need your help to show the Heritage Council how much Federation Square means to Victorians.

Please make a submission on this recommendation by Sunday 16 December 2018. Your submission will strengthen our case that Federation Square is a place that should be protected for all Victorians.

CLICK HERE to read Heritage Victoria’s recommendation and find out more about the registration process.

To make your submission, simply fill out the form LINKED HERE and email it to [email protected]. Your submission must be made in the Heritage Council’s prescribed form, however you can attach additional material to support your argument. 

Please make a submission to the Heritage Council by Sunday 16 December 2018 to [email protected]. If you make a submission within the deadline, you will be notified if a registration hearing is held. You will also have the right to present a detailed submission in person at the hearing.

Any questions about the process? Get in touch on (03) 9656 9837 or [email protected] .



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  1. 1
    Paula Herlihy

    Took my grandchildren to ‘Wonderland’ last school holidays. Watched John Butler perform there on You Tube videos. Saw the children’s remake of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and the premiere of ‘The Sticks’, a movie shot in around my local Lilydale/Mt Evelyn/Croydon. Heard Douglas Adams speak there; Shane Maloney at the launch of the Murray Whelan dvds. The range on offer and the high quality of what’s on offer is impressive. Add to that the design/architecture, and I am influenced by Fed Square even though I live in the foothills o the Dandenong Ranges. I completely support this nomination.

  2. 2
    Frank W Schooneveldt

    Federation Square belongs to all Victorians and therefore needs to be protected at all costs. It needs to be put onto the Victorian Heritage Register.
    Federation Square is not a State Government play thing nor is it an Apple Store play thing.
    Apple, Google ,Facebook and Amazon are totally out of control. They are tax avoiders and think they a beyond the law and Government regulations. There are now only five nations in the world that have a GDP greater than the combined GDP of these four companies. They have to be brought under control and regulated like all other large corporations and pay their fair share of tax because if they don’t we all have to pay more.
    It is outrageous that Apple should be allowed to build a new store in Federation Square which is totally unacceptable. We all need to ensure that Federation Square is protected.

  3. 3
    Creina Porter

    Bravo Frank Schooneveldt. It is a disgrace to think that the Victorian Government has even considered an Apple store in Federation Square. It is an iconic square and should be protected as it is.

  4. 4
    Malcolm Dow

    Totally agree with the above. Has the state government learnt nothing from the OPera House/Everest debacle. People do not wanrt their precious icons commercialised. Keep the Apple Store out of Fed Square.

  5. 5
    Deb Stewart

    Agree with above comments. I’m not opposed to a mix of businesses like restaurants and cafes that can be used as part of the enjoyment of the space but the Apple store is not that. It is niche target shopping usually only found within shopping complexes.
    I find the lack of public consultation appalling not to mention the proposed demolishing of an existing building, the long lease offered with prized water frontage and the lack of taxes Apple pay into this country.

  6. 6
    Judith Mordech

    This is a place for all Melburnians to enjoy as a living and breathing space of relaxation and contemplation and the concept of a huge commercial “Apple” was never intended for this Garden of Eden!
    Preserve our reputation as a garden State in the way dit was originally created – there are many other commercial spaces left for the other Apple!

  7. 7
    Y. Dudinski

    Come to your senses, stop being mesmerised and dumb-suckered by pseudo-intellectual architect-babble and LOOK at what you’re looking at: an overpriced, overhyped, third-rate junk-architecture monument to the inflated egos of third-rate-junk architects, their grovelling political lickspittles and their incestuous architectural-profession mutual-admiration clubs. Anyone remember the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”?
    Meanwhile, PRICELESS, publicly-owned (i.e., owned by the taxpayers, the people of Victoria), HISTORIC RAIL-HERITAGE ASSETS, MANY NEAR OR OVER 100 YEARS OLD, WORTH OVER $1B, ROT, because the National Trust and Heritage Victoria (a government agency that issues demolition permits for historic buildings) lack the interest and the competence to lean on useless politicians to issue a blanket preservation order on ALL RAIL-HERITAGE ASSETS and provide funding to securely and PERMANENTLY PRESERVE them at the 1880s WORLD-HERITAGE-SIGNIFICANT NEWPORT RAILWAY WORKSHOPS and establish a WORLD-BEST INTEGRATED HERITAGE-RAIL TOURISM INDUSTRY FOR VICTORIA that would earn Victoria MILLIONS. (Shipwrecks are automatically protected, but silly old steam chwains are only private playthings for childish people.)
    Demolish the whole eyesore, including the deck and piers (I would gladly pay tuppence for the privilege of pressing the button), to allow the construction of proper access tracks and the missing ramps and connections to the City Loop, restore Batman Ave. and its tram line, restore the façade of the Swanston St. bridge and raise the bridge ~3ft to accommodate bilevel suburban trains (if local firms can’t do the job for an honest cost, hire the Japanese – they will do it over a weekend without disruption to rail or road traffic).

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