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SLV H32492-2703

Camperdown Botanic Gardens & Arboretum

The National Trust is supporting the decision of the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria, to refuse a permit for the construction of six cabins, swimming pool,…

View from Mt Leura 13.9.15_1

Objection to extension of scoria quarry at base of Mt Leura, Camperdown

The National Trust has objected to the proposed extension of the scoria quarry at the base of Mt Leura, Camperdown.

view towards quarry from information trail

Leura Maar volcanic complex

The National Trust has been fighting to preserve the Leura Maar since the 1970s; it is one of the largest tuff and maar volcanoes in…

  • Mt Widderin cave entry
  • Dinner at Hampden Hotel
  • Robert Prenzel carvings
  • Ginkgo biloba, Glenormiston garden
  • Glenormiston garden tour with Janet O'Hehir
  • Glenormiston garden
  • Mt Widderin cave exit
  • Top of Mt Leura
  • Mt Widderin Cave
  • Mooramong walled garden
  • Descending Mt Leura, walking towards Mt Sugarloaf

National Trust Western District Landscape Tour

As part of the 2014 Heritage Festival, the National Trust Landscape Advisory Committee lead 47 Trust members and friends on the Western District Landscape Tour….

Port Campbell

Corangamite Shire Heritage Amendment C36

The Corangamite Heritage Study Stage 2 was commenced in April, 2011 and followed the completion of the stage 1 study in 2009. The Study area…