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Archive for December, 2015

Rootes rally 1 August 2015

Five things we learnt about heritage in Victoria in 2015

1. In 2015 there were more than 20 heritage amendments put forward by local government in Victoria but there are still gaps in heritage protection…

Aerial view of garden showing building footprint in yellow

Parliament House

A new office building is proposed for the rear of Parliament House, the largest project on the site in 90 years. Click here to view the…

Tram 957 September 2015 (3)

A 10 Point Plan for W Class Trams

The National Trust is calling on the State Government to implement a moratorium on the disposal of W Class trams until a plan can be…

view towards quarry from information trail

Leura Maar volcanic complex

The National Trust has been fighting to preserve the Leura Maar since the 1970s; it is one of the largest tuff and maar volcanoes in…

Tram 957 September 2015 (3)

Moratorium on Disposal of W Class Trams

UPDATE – The National Trust has successfully secured a moratorium on the disposal of W Class trams until appropriate guidelines have been developed for their…

QVM environs

Queen Vic Market planning controls set to be relaxed

The loss of height controls at the southern end of the site will allow development with unrestricted height over the sheds at the Franklin Street boundary….

Tram 957 September 2015 (3)

No Terms of Reference for W Class Tram disposal

UPDATE – Under the Freedom of Information Act the National Trust has been informed that up to this date there have been no Terms of…


Trust acts to save Victoria’s first curtain-wall building

The Trust is currently lobbying Councillors for the City of Yarra in the lead-up to a Special Meeting of Council tonight to consider a Development…